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Online Counselling - How Does It Work & Is It Still Effective?

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

In recent years, online counselling services have become increasingly popular. This has been especially so during the rise of COVID-19, with many counsellors choosing to offer Telehealth appointments as a way to continue providing much needed support to their clients during lockdown periods.

How Does It Work?

One of the most common questions in regards to online counselling is "How does it work?"

Telehealth counselling works in the same way as in-person counselling - the only difference is instead of meeting and talking with your counsellor face to face, you are talking with them online. There are a few different ways this mode of counselling service takes place, but most commonly it is done through online video chat.

Is It Still Effective?

Another common question in regards to Telehealth is "Is it still effective?"

A common misconception is that online counselling offers clients less connection than in-person counselling. This isn't actually the case, as video chat allows counsellors to pick up on a clients tone, body language and comfortability.

Another misconception is that it is harder to build rapport online. It is part of your counsellors role to ensure you are comfortable, and this involves building trust and creating a bond. It is important to remember, whether counselling takes place in-person or online, your counsellor will still take the same amount of time and care to ensure they are building a connection with you.

Numerous studies, scientific research and personal testimonies find that there is no difference in the overall results between online counselling and traditional in-person counselling - some people even prefer online counselling, as it gives them the flexibility to fit counselling into busy schedules and attend appointments from the comfort of their own home.

What's The Verdict?

While it is proven there is no difference in the results and effectiveness, whether or not online counselling is the right fit for you often comes down to personal preference. As always, it is important that you choose the service that you feel will best support you and your mental health.

Online counselling can be a great option, especially right now when this most recent rise in COVID-19 cases has resulted in another lockdown. While some services are still open, the option of Telehealth offers ease of access and means you will not miss out on your appointment if you are unwell, unable to make it in person, or feel uncertain about leaving the comfort of your home during these times.

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