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The most important relationship we have is the relationship we have with ourselves. It truly shapes every other relationship we have. Many individuals attend counselling to work through their own challenges that are impacting their lives and their relationships. Individual counselling can be helpful when you are experiencing any difficult situations and need to find a way to better manage and move forward. 


You may be experiencing overwhelm, feel like you have lost yourself, be struggling with anxiety, depression, your sexuality, dating or have mixed feelings about your partner and the future potential of your relationship. Perhaps you have past hurts that are preventing you from showing up the way you'd like to in life and relationships.

  • Gain clarity and confidence.

  • Manage anxiety and/or depression.

  • Decide if you should stay or leave a relationship.

  • Develop deeper understanding of yourself and valuable insights into the dynamics at play in your relationships with family and friends.

  • Learn ways to make healthy changes that can deeply impact you and those around you.

  • Develop new and effective communication skills.

  • Explore what is holding you back in life.

  • Help you let go of past hurts.

Hills Relationship Centre provides individual counselling for the residents of Sydney, particularly those living in the Hills district, Hawkesbury district and the Blacktown District.

Can Individual counselling help you?

What makes us different

The team at Hills Relationship Centre are all experienced, qualified and registered counsellors who have specific training in individual, relationship and family counselling. We have taken our counselling backgrounds and created a unique blend of counselling that is a little more robust and practical than traditional therapy, to help you achieve your counselling goals faster. We use a mixture of counselling techniques, psychoeducation and practical exercises which are specifically tailored to your situation.

We do not take a one size fits all approach to counselling. Our education and clinical work provides us with a vast amount of knowledge and experience to draw upon. We are person centred and solution focused, and believe in evidence based approaches and interventions.

At Hills Relationship Centre, we embrace diversity and welcome all cultures & gender, sexual and relationship diversities (GSRD). We love working with all kinds of clients and please know that you are wholeheartedly welcome at Hills Relationship Centre. 

Image by Kyle  Ryan

What results can you expect?

Through our individual counselling sessions you can;

  • An increased sense of acceptance, love and appreciation for yourself and your relationships.

  • Decide if your relationship is right for you.

  • Improved mental health and emotional wellbeing.

  • Learn how to make changes that last. 

  • Restore balance in your life and relationships.

  • Enjoy trusting, meaningful and safe relationships with others.

  • Learn tools to communicate openly, honestly, and respectfully.

  • The ability to address conflict and have it resolved in a healthy way.

  • Develop healthier boundaries.

Working with us

We offer individual relationship counselling via Zoom, as well as in person sessions at my office located in Bella Vista, New South Wales, Australia.

​In Person and Zoom sessions run for 60 minutes and cost $135.00AUD for individuals. 

If you are ready to work with us, then click one of the links below to book your appointment or to find out more.

Couples Counselling 

Are you worried that fallen out of love?

Are you unsure of how to get back on track?

Are you sick of arguing all the time?

Family Counselling

On different pages with parenting?

Are your children not listening?

Wish that you could have a happier family life?

Other services we offer

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