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Separated or Blended Family Therapy

The separation of a family can be one of the hardest things for a parent or child to go through. Separation, divorce and Family Law Court are very challenging to navigate and it is stressful for all family members involved.

While every family is different, a separated or blended family will usually come with it's own set of unique and challenging circumstances. At Hills Relationship Centre, our goal is to work with each family member to understand those circumstances and help you to best navigate these challenges.


Separated Family Therapy can help both parents and children manage feelings and adjust to changes that occur during, or as a result of separation and divorce. It can also be helpful for those who have been ordered to attend family therapy, or who are looking for reportable family therapy before attending Family Law Court.


Blended Family Therapy can help all members of the family to feel heard and supported, adjust to changes, better understand family dynamics, and navigate challenges unique to those in a blended family. It can also be helpful to family members who are struggling to blend, or those who are finding it challenging to step-parent or co-parent in a high conflict situation.

Does your family need help navigating separation, divorce

or blended family dynamics?

Family Therapy can help you to;

  • Improve relationships and functioning within families experiencing separation or divorce.

  • Navigate co-parenting, step-parenting, parental communication, blended family challenges and differing family dynamics.

  • Support yourself and your children through family separation or the blending process.

  • Feel supported through the mediation and Family Law Court process.

Working with a qualified and experienced family therapist can help you to develop skills and strategies to communicate and co-parent with your ex partner and best support your children. During Family Therapy, our counsellor will work with individual family members, parents, children, or the whole family unit.

Hills Relationship Centre provides Separated Family Therapy for residents of Sydney, particularly those living in the Hills district, Hawkesbury district and Blacktown district. 

How we can help

Through our sessions, we can;

  • Work with each member of the family to address goals, needs and issues.

  • Help parents and/or children navigate their feelings around separation.

  • Help family members adjust to the changes that occur as the result of family separation or family blending.

  • Gain a better understanding of healthy boundaries and family patterns and dynamics.
  • Assist with co-parenting strategies including respectful parental communication. 
  • Have a collaborative approach to problem solving.
  • Manage and reduce parent and family conflict. 
  • Help provide you with skills and strategies to best support your children.
  • Address relationship breakdowns between parent and child, and assist in ensuring children are provided the opportunity to maintain meaningful relationships with both parents.

What makes us different?

The team at Hills Relationship Centre are all experienced, qualified and registered counsellors and psychotherapist, who have comprehensive training in family therapy and experience working with court-mandated referrals and families who have been or are currently going through Family Law Court. Our family therapists have extensive knowledge of issues specific to separation and divorce, child development and welfare, parenting matters, family systems and trauma. When you work with us, you can be assured that you are working with those who are considered experts in their field. We have taken our counselling backgrounds and created a unique blend of counselling that is a little more robust and practical than traditional therapy, to help you achieve your counselling goals faster. We use a mixture of counselling techniques, psychoeducation and practical exercises which are specifically tailored to your situation.

We do not take a one size fits all approach to family therapy. Our education and clinical work provides us with a vast amount of knowledge and experience to draw upon. We are person centred and solution focused, and believe in evidence based science,  data and interventions. What that means is that we don't just talk, we also provide feedback and insights, offer suggestions and help you find solutions.

At Hills Relationship Centre, we embrace diversity and family in all its forms, and welcome all cultures & gender, sexual and relationship diversities (GSRD). We love working with all kinds of families, whether same sex, opposite sex, single parent families, polygamous families, blended families, foster families, as well as families with mental health issues and/or special/complex needs. Please know that you are wholeheartedly welcome at Hills Relationship Centre. 

Work with us

We offer family therapy from our office located in Bella Vista, New South Wales, Australia.


Sessions run for 60 minutes and cost $220.00 for families.

There may be families that do not feel comfortable or safe being in the same counselling session together. If that is the case for you, please let us know prior to booking your appointment and we can discuss a range of options to make sure you feel comfortable and safe when working with us. 


If you are ready to work with us on building the kind of family life that you want, then click on the button below to make your family therapy appointment.

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