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Parent Consultations

We believe parenting is one of the most challenging responsibilities and privileges that a person can have. Often parents find themselves confused, worried and sometimes at a loss of how to parent their child or children in a way that is loving and effective. You might want to come and meet with us to discuss parenting for a number of reasons; 

You find you are on a different page to your partner when it comes to parenting


You may have a child with developmental exceptionalities and are unsure of how to parent them


You are separated or divorced and want some help and support on doing best by your kids


You may have a child that is struggling with challenging behaviors 

You may have questions on how to  discipline without damage 


You may be parenting a child who struggles with emotional or mental health 

Your strategies don't appear to be working and you want some other evidence based options


Or maybe you just have some general questions about parenting and want some confirmation that you are heading in the right direction

  • Our greatest desire is to help you parent in a way that is right by your child and yourself

  • We offer an evidence based scientific approach to parenting 

  • We are a collaborative practice. This means that we can work with you, your child, their teachers, and other health professionals to provide a holistic approach

  • Our team are all fully trained, registered and considered experts in this field.

What Makes Us Different

Parenting can feel like a lonely road, but together we can navigate the most challenging issues you are facing as a parent. We can help you to find a path forward towards healthier and happier parenting. We have been fortunate enough to walk alongside hundreds of families as they all grow together and build loving, respectful and connected relationships that last a lifetime.

Work With Us

Parent Consultations are available in-person at our centre in Bella Vista, or online via Zoom. 

Each appointment runs for 60 minutes and costs $220.00 for parent consultations. 


If you are ready to work with us, then click below to make an appointment.

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