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Parenting on Purpose - Creating Christmas Traditions

As we approach the holiday season our Christmas preparation is in full swing! We have been chatting with each other around the office and have been reminded how traditions create meaning and lifelong memories for families. We would love to share with you some of our family traditions in the hope that it may spark some fond memories of your own family traditions, or inspire you to create new traditions for yourself and those you love.

“Growing up, I have fond memories of my mum putting on Christmas music, and together with my brother, we would decorate the Christmas tree as a family. On Christmas Eve, we would spend time driving around and looking at all the Christmas lights in the neighbourhood while listening and singing along to our favourite Christmas songs. These are two traditions I have now carried on with my family, and they are something we all look forward to as a way to celebrate Christmas together”. – Montana

“Christmas was and still is a big deal in my family. Our current traditions carry on from the ones I enjoyed in my childhood. A few of my favourite traditions are making Christmas puddings with the women in my family. We use a family recipe that has been passed down through many generations on the Northern European side of my family. Christmas Eve has always been spent with my extended family. Even as an adult, I love seeing all of my cousins and eating, drinking and being merry with them. As my kids get older, they have wanted to create their own traditions. Decorating our house with a bazillion Christmas lights is now a tradition my kids love”. – Hailee

“When the kids were younger, Christmas Eve would involve their Dad dressing up as Santa and they'd sit on his lap and get a gift. One year, he stood on the roof of the house and threw gifts down because the kids were getting older and more suspicious! My son always wanted to know why he couldn't see the reindeer. Santa told him they were worried about the high crime rate, so they were circling above the clouds. Christmas Eve is still family night, but now they are older, we all watch our favourite Christmas movies together and swap a small gift each at midnight before the big day”. – Toni

How can you make this holiday season special for you and your loved ones? Remember, we create and keep traditions to make special memories that we carry for a lifetime. Here are a couple more traditions you may want to begin;

Bake Christmas Cookies or decorate a gingerbread house

Watch a Christmas Movie together

Go for a drive to find houses with Christmas lights

Volunteer with a charity

Make a special donation to those in need

Send Christmas cards to those who are far away

Sign along to Christmas carols

Make a special Christmas decoration together

Book a little get away and visit the same place each year



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