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Hills Relationship Centre are a team of expert relationship and family therapists who help to create healthy relationships, and mend troubled ones.

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Family Therapy

Families should be our main source of love, support and connection. However, there are times and situations when family relationships are put under pressure. There can be a number of reasons why families go though a tough time, sometimes it is due to financial difficulties, parents separating, siblings not getting along, becoming a blended family, a family member is suffering from addiction or, a family member has special needs or a physical or mental illness. Family Therapy is often necessary for families to cope with these life-changing situations, learn new and more effective ways to manage, as well as improve their connections with each other.

Does your family need help?

  • Are members of your family not getting along?

  • Is home life stressful and you long for it to be calmer and more connected?

  • Are you and your partner not on the same page when it comes to parenting?

  • Do your children just not listen to you?

  • Are you experiencing a big change in your family and aren't sure how to cope with it?

  • Have you separated and worried about the impact on your children?

  • Do you not feel valued, cherished and considered in your family?

  • Is one of you suffering from addiction or mental health challenges and worried about the impact upon your family?

  • Does one child have special needs or require more attention then the others, causing you worry about the impact on your relationship with your partner and on your other children?

Working with a qualified and experienced family therapist can help you to reconnect with your family, develop and agree on parenting strategies and create the loving family life you’ve always hoped for. Hills Relationship Centre provides Relationship Counselling and Family Therapy for residents of Sydney, particularly those living in the Hills district, Hawkesbury district and Blacktown district. 

How we can help

Through our family therapy we can help you;

  • Bring your family back together.

  • Creating honesty, respect and appreciation between family members

  • Develop a supportive and connected family environment

  • Be on the same page when it comes to parenting and learn new skills that get results.

  • Reduce sources of tension and stress within the family and manage stress more effectively.

  • Help family members forgive each other and repair trust.

  • Gain a better understanding of healthy boundaries and family patterns and dynamics.
  • Learn how to really listen and understand each other.
  •  Have a collaborative approach to problem solving
  • Devlop deeper undersanding and empathy for each other.
  • Reduced conflict and gain better anger management skills

What makes us different?

The team at Hills Relationship Centre are all experienced, qualified and registered counsellors, who have comprehensive training in relationship and family therapy. When you work with us, you can be assured that you are working with those who are considered experts in their field. We have taken our counselling backgrounds and created a unique blend of counselling that is a little more robust and practical than traditional therapy, to help you achieve your counselling goals faster. We use a mixture of counselling techniques, psychoeducation and practical exercises which are specifically tailored to your situation.

We do not take a one size fits all approach to family therapy. Our education and clinical work provides us with a vast amount of knowledge and experience to draw upon. We are person centred and solution focused, and believe in evidence based science,  data and interventions. What that means is that we don't just talk, we also provide feedback and insights, offer suggestions and help you find solutions.

At Hills Relationship Centre, we embrace diversity and family in all its forms, and welcome all cultures & gender, sexual and relationship diversities (GSRD). We love working with all kinds of families, weather same sex, opposite sex, single parent families, polygamous, blended, foster families, as well as families with mental health issues and/or special needs. Please know that you are wholeheartedly welcome at Hills Relationship Centre. 

What resluts can you expect 

From our Family Therapy you can expect;

  • A more peaceful and loving family life

  • Less conflict and better ways to manage stress.

  • New strategies that you can both agree on when it comes to parenting. 

  • A better sense of each family members wants and needs, as well as the tools to meet those wants and needs.

  • A restored sense of togetherness.

  • More fun and laughter in your family.

  • A greater appreciation for each other.

  • To have practical interventions that you can take home and implement.

Work with us

We offer family therapy from our office located in Bella Vista, New South Wales, Australia.


Sessions run for 60 minutes and cost $160.00 for families.


If you are ready to work with us on building the kind of family life that you want, then click on the button below to make an appointment.

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Parent Education

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