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Discovering who we are in life can feel really confusing. Forming our sense of self and our identity starts in our childhood, continues through our teen years and well into adulthood. As we begin to awaken to ourselves and form a sense of who we are, we find out that there are many different parts to us. Our gender identity, sexual orientation and relationship style are some of the important parts that make us who were are. 

At Hills Relationship Centre we understand how important it is to have a safe space and be able to work with a counsellor who is knowledgeable in gender, sexuality and relationship diversities. 

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Diversity Counselling

We offer;


  • Poly friendly ​counselling

  • Same sex relationship counselling

  • Gender therapy

  • Sexual orientation counselling 

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What makes us different

If you are trying to answer questions around your gender, sexual orientation or relationship style, you need a safe place to do so. You may also not have many questions and just want to work with a counsellor who is knowledgeable in the area of genders, sexual and relationship diversities (GSRD). At Hills Relationship Centre you are in a safe place. Our director is proudly part of the LGBTQIA+ community and every team member is either part of the LGBTQIA+ community or an ally. We embrace diversity and love in all it's forms. Please know that you are wholeheartedly welcome and safe at Hills Relationship Centre.

Working with us

We are committed to seeing long term and sustainable changes in your life and there are no quick fixes when it comes to our heads and hearts. The duration of counselling is based on your individual needs. For some, counselling is short term, for others, more sessions are needed. We will work with you for as long as you need our help and support. 


We offer diversity counselling at our office located in Bella Vista, New South Wales, Australia.


Each appointment runs for 60 minutes and costs $135.00 for individual counselling and $220.00 for couples and families.


If you are ready to work with us, then click the link below to book your appointment.

“I came into your office a confused, ashamed and depressed man. At the age of 50, I had never accepted who I was. Thank you for helping me to not only accept who I am, but to love who I am. I was able to share my true self with some of my family and friends. I am now living my life, my way. I am a proud gay man and no longer carry the shame that once plagued me". 

– John 

Sydney, Australia

"I knew I was in the wrong body from an early age. The problem was that I was scared that being who I was would make my family and friends disown me. I wanted and needed to come out as trans, but I was so afraid. Thank you for helping me find my community, be brave and speak my truth. I found my voice in our sessions and no more hiding who I am now!

- Xi

Queensland, Australia 

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