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Hills Relationship Centre are a team of expert relationship and family therapists who help to create healthy relationships, and mend troubled ones.

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Welcome to Hills Relationship Centre

Creating healthy relationships & mending troubled ones

Expert Relationship & Marriage Counselling

Are you struggling with your relationship with yourself, your partner or your family? Relationships can be very challenging and often we don't possess the skills and tools to navigate these challenges effectively.

That is where we come in!

Hills Relationship Centre is the leading provider of relationship counselling in the Hills District of Sydney and surrounds. If you are struggling with your relationship with yourself, your partner, or your family, our team are comprehensively trained in proven therapeutic approaches that resolve relationship issues quickly and effectively.  

Individual Counselling 

Are you going through a tough time?

Are you unsure of what direction to take?

Feeling unhappy & overwhelmed?

Couples Counselling 

Are you worried that fallen out of love?

Unsure of how to get back on track?

Are you sick of arguing all the time?

Family Counselling

Worried your family is falling apart?

Are your children not listening?

Wish your family life was happier?

Why work with us?

Hills Relationship Centre is the leading provider of Counselling services in the Hills District. Here is what makes us different from other counselling services.

Our counsellors have dedicated their career to helping people overcome relationship challenges, which means you only work with relationship experts.

Our counsellors are extensively trained in proven therapeutic approaches that resolve  issues quickly and effectively.

Our  counselling is completely tailored to suit your unique needs so we can help you achieve your specific goals.

We work with a wide range of people, including children, adolescence, adults and families.


We are kink and poly friendly counsellors and we wholeheartedly welcome our LGBTQIA+ community.  

“Our intimacy had disappeared and we were both questioning how long we could go on like this for. We were finally able to understand where we had gone wrong and we were guided in learning better ways of interacting with each other that helped bring back the love we once shared". 

– Rose and Emma,

Sydney, Australia

“I was devastated after my husband had an affair. I didn't think I could forgive him. Counselling gave us a road map on how we could process the affair and move forward together. We learnt how to rebuild trust, reconnect, and now 2 years on, we have a stronger relationship than before the affair.”

- Elle and Nick,

Melbourne, Australia

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