Tessa Baker

Languages Spoken - English

Tessa is a registered counsellor who offers an impressive list of credentials which is complimented by her wealth of lived and professional experience. Tessa specialises in individual and couples counselling. 


Meet Tessa

Tessa (she/her pronouns) is an open minded, kind, compassionate and practical counsellor who enjoys working with adults and families from all ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientations, and religious, spiritual, and non-religious perspectives.  Tessa has a background in psychology, counselling, therapy, advocacy as well as training. Tessa believes that it is truly an honor to share her knowledge and provide clients with the tools they need to grow and connect with themselves and others. Tessa utilises varying approaches in her individual and couples counselling and will tailor her approach to suit the needs of her clients. Tessa is a results driven counsellor and is big believer in helping clients to incorporate techniques and strategies in to their life so they can experience positive, long term and sustainable changes.

Clients can expect her professional and clinical experience to aid them in achieving the goals desired. Tessa's ability to create a comfortable and accepting environment to discuss intimate and personal issues is of great value and importance to the work that she does. Tessa is committed to supporting her clients no matter where they are at in their life journey and truly believes that people matter. 

Areas of Interest 

  • Individual Counselling

  • Relationship and Couples Counselling

  • Intimacy and Sexuality 

  • Family Counselling

  • Separation Counselling

  • Mental Health

  • Depression

  • Anxiety 

  • Crisis Counselling

  • Childhood and Adult Sexual Assault 

  • Complex Trauma

  • Domestic Violence and Abuse

  • Child Protection and Advocacy  

  • Identity/self relationship challenges

  • Positive Parenting

  • Drug and Alcohol Counselling 

Specialised Training 

  • Psychology and Child Development Graduate Diploma (South Africa)   

  • Diploma in Counselling (Academy of Counselling) 

  • Diploma in Community Services 

  • Certificate Individual and Group Clinical Supervision

  • Diploma in CBT - Distinction  

  • Treating Trauma - Master Series            

  • Positive Psychology for Mental Health Practitioners          

  • Certificate REBT- Tools Techniques and Practices

  • Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Program        

  • Certificate Supporting Families with Complex Needs          

  • Updated Child Safe Environments- Reporting Child abuse and Neglect   

  • Dissociation Education Mental Health                                                                     

  • Mental State Examination

  • Recognise and respond to Disclosures of Rape and Sexual Assault       

  • Certification in Principles of Law in a Community 

  • Cultural Intelligence with New Australian Communities    

  • Respond rather than React – Working with young people with complex needs and behaviours

  • Mental First Aid                                                 

  • Certificate in working with Depression

  • Certificate in Grief and Loss Counselling

  • Certificate working with Children at Risk          

  • Conflict Resolution and Hostage Negotiation Skills (Advanced)                               

  • Conflict Resolution and Hostage Negotiation Skills (Basic)  

  • Stress Management and Assertiveness        

  • Certificate – Disability Assessments - Medical assessments  

Therapy Approaches  

  • CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)

  • Solution Focused Therapy

  • Client Centered 

Tessa tailors her approach to meet the unique goals and needs of her clients.

Professional Memberships  

Tessa holds professional membership and is a registered supervisor with the ACA (Australian Counselling Association). 

Current registration with the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association as well as the Australian Association for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy.

Work with Tessa

Tessa offers individual and relationship counselling as well as parent consultations. She offers her services via telehealth and in person at our office located in Bella Vista, New South Wales, Australia.


In Person and telehealth sessions run for 60 minutes and cost $110.00 for individuals and $180.00 for couples and families. 

When you work with Tessa, you may be able to receive rebates with Avant Mutual, Doctors Health Fund, GU Health, Police Health Fund, Emergency Services Health,  Phoenix Health Fund, St Lukes Health and Bupa.

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