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Relationship tools to change your world! 

We have spent may years working with individuals, couples and families. As a result, we have created a number of worksheets, guides, and resources for the clients we support. We think that caring is sharing, so we have added them all here, free for you to download and use as needed. 

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Jamie & Sam

"I lost myself after having my children. I was unhappy in all areas of my life and felt anxious and sad. I begun to question my relationship as well. My counsellor helped guide me on how I could reconnect with myself and prioritise my needs, while still being the kind of mum and wife that I wanted to be". - Cassie & Michelle

"When we decided to end our marriage we were really concerned on how it would impact our three children. Our counsellor helped us to understand their needs and how to support them through the transition. Family therapy created a safe place for us to talk about the kids, learn how we can reduce our conflict and become co-parents and friends". - Jamie and Sam

Elle & Marc

“I was devastated after my husband had an affair. I was so angry and felt like I might never be able to trust him again. Counselling helped us to understand why the affair happened. It gave us a road map on how we could process the affair and move forward together. We learnt how to rebuild trust and now 2 years on, we have a stronger relationship than before the affair.” - Elle & Marc

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