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Start your Day with a Positive Affirmation

Using positive affirmations to start the day can actively replace negative thoughts. Writing affirmations or repeating them throughout the day can help to reaffirm them and lessen feelings of anxiety and stress.

Give these morning affirmations a try:

Today I am optimistic. I think positively and surround myself with loving energy.

I feel happy and content at this moment right now.

Every challenge I face is an opportunity to grow and improve.

Today, I put my energy into things that matter to me.

I focus on what I can control, and let go of the rest.

I am listening to my body and give myself permission to rest.

I am starting my day with gratitude and will move through my day appreciating all I have.

Today I set goals I know I can reach.

I am learning and growing every day to become the best version of me.

I give myself permission to let go and be at peace.

I am proud to be me and I am proud of all my accomplishments.

I set myself free when I release emotional burdens.

I know all of my problems have solutions.

I believe in myself wholeheartedly.

I am strong, capable and worthy.

What positive affirmations will you try?

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