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Prioritising Self Care

Self care includes anything you do to keep yourself healthy – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Prioritising self care doesn't always come easily, and in the rush and routine of everyday life, it is often the first thing that gets put on the back-burner - especially when we find ourselves in challenging situations or times of high stress - which is often when self care becomes most crucial.

Self care is important as it gives us an opportunity to take a step back from the stressors of everyday life and do something for ourselves that makes us feel good.

Here we share some ideas on ways you can make self care a priority....

  1. Go for a walk

  2. Lay in the sunshine

  3. Practice earthing by walking outside barefoot

  4. Rearrange or declutter a room

  5. Read a book or a magazine

  6. Do some yoga or Pilates

  7. Meditate

  8. Make yourself a home-cooked meal

  9. Bake

  10. Practice a healthy sleep routine by going to bed earlier and aiming to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night

  11. Meet up with a friend for coffee or reach out to an old friend

  12. Compliment yourself or someone else

  13. Watch a movie or TV show

  14. Dance

  15. Pray

  16. Write in a diary or gratitude journal

  17. Listen to music

  18. Play a game

  19. Do a puzzle

  20. Have a candle-lit bubble bath

We hope these ideas give you some things you can add to your self care routine.

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