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Parenting on Purpose - Resilience

How can I help my child to be more resilient?

Resilience is about being able to adapt positively in difficult situations, setbacks and other challenging times while avoiding maladaptive outcomes. Many parents want to help their children to become more resilient but are unsure of where to start. The first step and the most important step is a strong parent-child relationship.

The parent-child relationship

The relationship you have with your child is the most important thing when it comes to your child’s resilience. Children need a stable and committed relationship with a supportive parent or carer as their foundation for resilience.

Children need to feel loved, cared for, supported and protected by their parents. Fostering a relationship that offers these things to your child will act as a buffer from developmental setbacks and help your child bounce back from challenges.

Ways to build healthy connections with kids

Your children need time with you. You can create this time in a number of ways like;

Family Dinners

Bike rides

Weekend bush walks

Game nights

Story and chat times before bed

The more time you spend with your child, the more loved and supported they will feel and as a result their resilience will build.

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