Not Your Normal with Hailee & Jessie

How to manage home schooling, working from home and other stuff we need to know right now!

Jessie and I love to chat and we decided to record one of our chats for you, in the hope that it can be helpful in some small way.

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37 secs - Managing home schooling/ working from home

3:50m - Healthy expectations around working from home

5:25m - Managing stress and adapting to change

9:20m - Embracing the new normal

10:00m - What we want our kids to remember about this time, as well as collaboration around kids and tech.

13:58m - What do our kids actually want to learn?

16:10m - How to have boundaries with our kids, ourselves and our partners.

25:12m - Examples of boundaries and how to communicate them.

28:30m - Examples of healthy communication tools

37:45m - How important is our mental health right now?

41:00m - How to juggle online therapy and kids

45:30m - Who can help in navigating this time as a family

You can connect with Jessie at - https://meyouwetribe.com.au/ and https://www.hillsrelationshipcentre.com.au/

You can connect with Hailee at - https://www.hillsrelationshipcentre.com.au/


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