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Free Covid-19 Anxiety Workbook

I am just going to say what so many of us are thinking and feeling right now. This is a bit shit isn’t it! Almost everybody is feeling the weight of this lock-down and the uncertainty at this moment. You might be feeling a bit numb. You might be feeling overwhelmed or immense pressure, or even lonely and isolated. How about sad, depressed, and anxious? Almost everyone we have worked with over the past month has shared that they are feeling one or more of these feelings, and to be honest, we too have felt some of these feelings as well.

The most common feeling people are sharing with us is that they are feeling anxious.

It is necessary during times like these to really focus on caring for ourselves. When we are carrying more, it is okay to do less. So, we are pressing pause on offering our conscious connections and parenting on purpose blogs this month and instead, focusing on managing those anxious feelings.

I want to share a free workbook with you that focuses on building resilience during difficult times. A big thank you to the Wellness Society for putting this together. It is helping us get though and we hope it helps you as well. You can click on the image below to get your free download.

Please remember that we are here for you if you need support. You can book an appointment with our team here

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