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Conscious Connections - Tips for Quality Time

Spending quality time with your love can build on the foundation of your relationship, deepen feelings and intimacy, and strengthen your bond. If quality time is something that is important to you in your relationship, you might find these tips useful.


  1. Plan regular date nights and make it happen. If one or both of you struggles to find time outside of work, planning in advance can help take the stress off. This also lets your partner know they are a priority.

  2. Share stories, laughter and create space for quality and deeper conversations.

  3. Be fully present, listen mindfully and prioritise meaningful eye contact to show your partner they have your undivided attention.

  4. Take turns planning dates and consider things you can both enjoy together. Days out, date nights, and even staycations give you both something to look forward to and allow for a break in routine.


  1. Cancel or postpone plans, complain about time spent together, or make excuses to avoid commitment.

  2. Centre your conversations around work, chores, kids, finances, or anything that may be stressful.

  3. Multitask. If you get distracted easily, try switching off your devices.

  4. Rely only on date nights for quality time. Instead, make it a ritual - share a meal together, snuggle together before going to bed, share a hug and kiss before parting ways at the start of the day.

We hope these tips help you and your love get the most out of your quality time together.

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