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Conscious Connections - 3 Ways to Connect

This months Conscious Connections focus on 3 simple yet effective things you can do to build on connection with your love, and some questions you can ask your partner for each.

1. Make time for meaningful connection

What does meaningful connection look like to you? My favourite way to connect with you is.... What is something I say/do that helps you to feel connected to me? In moments you feel disconnected from me, how might you try to reach out and reconnect? What would that look like?

2. Check-in with each other

Is there anything that is causing you worry or stress at the moment? What TV show are you enjoying watching at the moment? Are there any goals you are working towards at the moment? How can I best support you in achieving them? What was the best part of your day? Is there anything you feel that is lacking in our relationship at the moment that we can work on together?

3. Voice love and appreciation often

What I love most about you is.... I really appreciate when you.... I would really like to thank you for.... Something that meant a lot to me was when you....

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