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Conscious Connections

This two week lockdown has left a lot of us feeling overwhelmed. Some of us are juggling work, school holidays and kids, some of us are temporarily out of work, and some of us are just struggling to find balance and make time for ourselves and our relationships. During these moments, it can be especially important to take the time to pause and check-in with yourself and your partner. This months Conscious Connections will help you to do just that.

When have you felt supported by me during the pandemic?

What has been hardest to adjust to with all the changes COVID has brought us?

What do you miss most about your life pre-COVID?

What do you imagine life will be like after COVID?

How can I show you love in the next two weeks?

To get the most out of these Conscious Connection questions, find a time that you and your partner can both be present and approach the conversations from a place of curiosity.



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