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30 End of Year Journal Prompts for Reflection

As we near the end of 2021, we hope these journal prompts will help you reflect on the past year and move into the New Year with ease and intention.


1. What were your biggest challenges this year?

2. What helped you overcome those challenges? (e.g. routines, boundaries, relationships, resources)

3. What did you find most difficult about life during lockdown?


4. Who helped support you this year and how did they support you?

5. What relationship was most meaningful to you this year and why?

6. What kind of people do you want to surround yourself with next year?

7. Are there any areas in your romantic relationship you want to work on? How can you contribute towards improving that relationship over the next year?


8. How would you describe the type of person you were this year?

9. How have you changed and grown in the last year?

10. Who is the type of person you want to be next year?

11. What were your top 3 priorities this year? (e.g. work, study, family, self-care, health, romantic relationship)

12. What are your top 3 priorities/goals for the year ahead and why are they important to you?


13. How did you take care of yourself this year? How will you commit to taking care of yourself next year?

14. What emotions did you experience the past year? Did you allow yourself to feel or talk about them freely?

15. What feelings do you want to embrace next year? What intentions do you want to set?

16. What was your mindset like this year? Did you treat yourself with kindness?

17. How can you treat yourself with love, patience and respect in the year ahead?

18. How did you relax and unwind this year? What hobby or activity did you find yourself enjoying most?


19. What kind of boundaries did you set this year? Why were those important boundaries for you?

20. What do you want your boundaries to look like for the year ahead? Why?


21. How satisfied were you with your work and work life this year?

22. What could you do differently next year to feel more fulfilled?


23. What was your favourite memory from this year?

24. What are you most grateful for? Who are you most grateful for?

25. How can you express gratitude more next year?

Goals & Achievements:

26. What was your biggest achievement this year? How did you celebrate? 27. Did you achieve all the goals you set for yourself this year? (Remember to be kind to yourself if you didn't achieve all your goals.)

28. What are your goals for the year ahead? How can you work toward achieving them?

29. What do you want to work on improving over the next year? How can you work towards that? (e.g. work-life balance, health, finances, romantic relationship)

30. What's on your bucket list for the year ahead?

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