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15 minute self-care rituals

While a routine is made up of the things we do every day, rituals are a way to celebrate and add meaning to our lives. A self-care ritual gives us something to look forward to throughout the day, and in the rush and routine of everyday life, reminds us to prioritise our well-being.

These rituals can help you to press pause and rest when it’s so tempting to just. keep. going.

Keeping self-care rituals simple and time efficient means they are more likely to be sustainable. A sustainable ritual is one that will nurture your soul day after day.

Here we leave you with some ideas for simple rituals that don’t take much time. You might like to pick some and give them a try.

Tea time

Put on the kettle and make yourself a cuppa. Try to be fully present as you drink it, savouring every sip. You might even take this moment to practice gratitude. This can be a great way to start the day, or can serve as a mid-afternoon pause – a chance to gather your thoughts, breathe and prepare for the coming evening and bedtime routines.

Go for a walk

Step outside. Breathe deep. Move your body. A short walk is a great daily ritual that gets you sunshine, fresh air and a chance to take in and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.


Next time you find yourself feeling stressed throughout the day, pay attention to your body. Are you holding your breath? Are you experiencing tension in your body? Is your anxiety heightened? If you answered yes, try creating a breathing ritual. It only takes a few minutes and you can do it at any time - even while at work or running errands. Controlled breathing helps you relax, de-stress and increase mindfulness.


Just a few minutes of meditation can calm your mind and relieve stress. Meditative practice encourages you to focus on the present, rather than worry about the past or future. If you're not sure how to meditate, or have trouble quietening your mind, a guided meditation app might help.

Decide how you want to feel

Think about how you want to feel as soon as you wake up. When you wake up in the morning, you might think “I want to feel energised, happy and successful today.” or maybe, “When I go to bed tonight, I want to feel peaceful, satisfied and connected.”

Once you have decided how you want to feel, take steps toward creating those feelings throughout the day.

Move your body

Exercise is a great way to make you feel amazing from the inside out. Many people get discouraged by the word "exercise", but it doesn't have to mean an intense, sweaty, full-body work out. Move your body in a way that feels good for you - running, swimming, yoga, dancing.

Pamper yourself

Soak in a hot bath, practice mindfulness while doing your hair or skincare routine, take your time looking after your body and making yourself feel good.

There are lots of different ways to practice self-care every day. Find what works for you and make it your self-care ritual.



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