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About Hills Relationship Centre

Hills Relationship Centre has established itself as the leading provider of relationship and family counselling in the Hills District and surrounds. We are a close team of comprehensively trained therapists who specialise in the area of relationships and family therapy, as well as parent education. We pride ourselves on applying best practice, evidence-based approaches that meet the needs of our community. 

We offer a comfortable, welcoming and modern office space, with lots of natural light and fresh air. When you join our team, you will receive comprehensive and professional administration support including referrals, diary management, access to printing, wifi, and various therapy resources. We offer monthly peer supervision with the team, as well as regular team meetings to ensure clear team communication and support. 

You will have the flexibility to create the hours and days of work that suit you and your lifestyle. We are committed to supporting your self care and also strive to create a healthy work/life balance. 

Our Values

  • We are open minded and welcoming of diversity. We pride ourselves on embracing differences.

  • We are life long learners and value personal and professional growth.

  • We value excellence and striving to be and do our best.

  • We love creativity and thinking outside of the box.

  • We believe in a holistic and collaborative approach.

  • We value laughter, authentic connection and cuppa on our balcony after a long day.

Current Positions Available 

  • Couples & Family Therapist 

We are always looking for qualified, registered and experienced couples and family therapists to join our team. 

  • Sex Therapist

If you are a sex therapist/sexologist that is sex positive and works with GSRD, we would love to hear from you.

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